Online classes currently available

Any questions, just email me. I'm always happy to design a class per your request.

Cutting the cord

Cut the cable or satellite cord and save thousands of dollars each year. In this class, I show you how to become a "streamer" and customize your television watching experience, only pay for what you watch! Live demo included.

Social Media Apps

I teach classes on how to use each of the top social media apps; YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, NextDoor, and even Tik Tok. Senior adults enjoy these classes so they don't feel behind. It's a great way to connect with your children and grandchildren.

Selling Online

This two-part class was designed when a senior asked how to use eBay. We explore the top selling sites, some surprising ones, some you've never heard of. We also talk about running your own business and a few things to know in particular about doing business in California. 

Caregiver Tips

This is an interactive class where Prof G presents practical helpful tips (called hacks now) to help you deal with some of your caregiver challenges. Other caregivers also share what has worked for them. We try to help everyone find solutions for their current challenges.

1-on-1 Consults

For anyone struggling with their technology, these "classes" are an online appointment with Prof G where she will help solve your technology issues in a one-on-one session. My senior adult students have found these very helpful.

Using Alexa

Let me show you how Alexa can make your life better! It's the best personal assistant you can ever have at your fingertips. I want to help people conquer their fears and use the new technology to enhance their lives. (Live Demo)


What are they? How do you access them? How do you listen? Let me introduce you to today's "audio entertainment." There's something for everyone. It's like Radio On-Demand.

The Cloud

What is the Cloud? How do you use it? Why would you use it? Most of us are probably already using some type of cloud computing or storage. We review Dropbox, One Drive, and Mega. Even Amazon Prime offers storage.