For Individuals

No need to struggle or feel left behind by the latest technology. Professor Golden can help you learn how to get the most use out of your smart phone. Or maybe you just need to learn the basics.

Contact GSI to find out how we can help you with your technology needs!

With Technology Needs

Do you need a web page or just need your web page updated? Professor Golden can design a web page or update yours quickly and for low cost.

Do you want to learn how to store your photos in the cloud? Do you need to learn what the cloud is and how to use it?

Many people struggle with sending videos - the files are too large for email, what can you do? Professor Golden can show you.

Complete Training Programs designed

A customized package to meet your needs

Working with DEHR Consulting, GSI designed a complete package (presentation and a workbook) on Emotional Intelligence for employees. 

GSI has created original content for solar sales promotions, for sales training programs, and employee on-boarding and training workshops.

Professor Golden does all of her own content development and instructional design whether for college courses, private businesses, or individuals.

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