About GSI

Early beginnings

GSI was established in 2000, by Professor Golden, to provide international research training, materials and support to social scientists, particularly in psychology. 


GSI expanded its training and educational services into the Solar Industry to provide educational materials, inspiring hands-on training and workshops, as well as sales material for solar consultants. We also assist in developing new marketing strategies based on honest consumer education!



In 2014, GSI added publishing educational materials to its long list of services with the publication of  "Prof G's Human Sexuality workbook.


GSI founded a PTSD Support Group for women who have experienced trauma and adopt rescue dogs as part of their healing process.


GSI expanded its educational services to tutoring for elementary, middle-school and high school students in Math, Science, History, and more.


Professor Golden began offering technology and Human Sexuality classes through Oasis Learning Center as well as becoming an ESL instructor.


GSI expanded its services to assist parents during the COVID-19.