To Parents who need help educating their children

Whether you are working parents, or parents who just realized they need some help with their children, I have good news for you.

With the ongoing pandemic, many parents have found themselves tasked with yet another job – teaching their children. Something you may not have any education or experience in, or for that matter, any interest in. Some of us wanted to be teachers, some of us wanted to auto mechanics. 

Let me introduce myself and my teaching concepts. My name is Professor Golden. My students call me Prof G! I have been teaching for over 25 years. I am a college professor, so I have the educational background. But I discovered when I was in college that most teachers are just someone who specialized in a particular topic. But no one was actually teaching teachers HOW to teach!? Unless you take a course on teaching/learning, there really are few programs to train you to teach. I decided to get into psychology because then I could learn how and why people learn, how to motivate people to learn, and how to teach!

College students (with good grades - always ask to see them!) make good tutors, because they have the educational background, yet they often lack the hands-on experience that a teaching assistant needs.  In addition, teaching online is different from teaching face-to-face in the classroom.  I started teaching online 20 yrs. ago when I took the entire psychology department online at the University of Hawaii. I first had to present scientific research to “prove” online learning was effective. I am a long-time nerd, so I am very tech-savvy and love to use new technology to enhance our lives. When the lockdown started here, I trained the instructors for Oasis Learning San Diego so their classes could continue online. 

For so many of our students who are used to the in-person classroom it is difficult for them to focus on their lessons and they need some guidance. I cannot fix my plumbing; I need a plumber for that. I admire parents who realize they are not teachers and they need help. Whether you do not have the time, do not have the skills, or just are not interested in adding this task to your already overloaded basket of tasks – there is help for you.

I have raised my own children, two sets of stepchildren (one child was deaf, and I learned sign language for him) and I have amazing grandchildren now. I am a college professor, but I also teach classes for Oasis Learning – from technology classes to caregiving classes. I train dogs to become service animals. I have trained horses. I’ve written my own textbook. I have conducted scientific research that was published and presented at conferences all over the world. I’ve written children’s books. I have worked with the Girl Scouts Council of San Diego for years. I’ve taught people with brain damage (TBI program) and people with mental disorders.  I have trained business professionals on many different platforms, from how to use software to how to sell solar. I taught statistics. One, because I actually like statistics, but two, because I heard so many students could not pass the course. I changed that! I also teach English (ESL) to Chinese elementary students via the Internet. I teach children as young as six! By the way, children do not need to be able to read to take online classes. 

When I started teaching, I knew I was doing what I was meant to do. I love teaching. I believe education is the key to enhancing people’s lives and making the world a better place. I love my students and they usually love me. I have students that I taught many years ago who still stay in touch. My teaching evaluations were always the highest in my department and across campus. I realized that I could teach anything to anyone, even if it is a topic, I am not familiar with. Those were my favorite classes to do for Oasis. I love having to learn something and then figure out the best way for my students to learn it!

Here is what I can do for you– we will take the lessons from the school and I will be devising a plan each week for the work and how to keep your student motivated. I have found (and research shows) that several short sessions are ideal. We will set a schedule for each week and confirm on Sunday nights. Plus, I give my contact info to your child’s teacher so we can be a united teaching team for your child. The teachers often appreciate the support as well.

The Chinese company that I teach for sends us the lesson and suggestions on how to reward the students. What I am good at doing is adding supplemental material and rewards to the lesson. My home is like a museum from all my world travels (28 different countries, so far), so I have cultural objects that I like to incorporate into the lesson. My goal is to always add something extra. For example – one of my Chinese students is learning about light. He said they had LEDs in their home. I asked if he knew what LED stood for. He did not but was extremely excited to learn something NOT in the lesson; something he could see if his parents knew. This is the type of engaging learning experience you want your child to have. I want them to be having so much fun, they don’t know they are learning! In today’s lesson, we were talking about how shadow is part of light (he learned the word shade) and then we did some shadow puppets. Learning should be fun!

I like to make videos of activities the students can try around the house. We call them challenges! Students usually cannot wait to get online to show me their projects. I am very encouraging and entertaining too. I figure out how your child needs me to respond to create their best learning experience that we can. This is a skill you develop over time. This is why you want an experienced teacher for your child.

Hey, I’m even on Tik Tok - my students love that! 

Let’s schedule a Zoom meeting – I can send you a link to just click on – so you can safely meet me, and I can meet you and your student(s). We can chat and decide what would work best for you and your child(ren). Email me at